Video Library

Videos of our stay in Viet Nam, taped in 2000. They cover the ways we enjoyed our free time there.

Tam Dao, March 2000
(in Finnish, read story in English)
7 min 19 s,  MP4 320*240
Furama, April 2000
(in Finnish, read story in English)
5 min 41 s,  MP4 320*240
Food moment, August 2000
(in Finnish, Jari eating Vietnamese food)
2 min 25 s, MP4  320*240

Rose Garden, September 2000
(in Finnish, our last and best apartment)

   5 min 56 s,  MP4 320*240

Finnish BBQ, November 2000
(in Finnish, read story in English)

3 min 57s, MP4 320*240

Ha Noi traffic, December 2000
(in Finnish, Sini and Jari riding Xich Lo)
5 min 2 s,  MP4 320*240

Videos are made 
  • taken with Sony TRV10E digital video camera
  • transferred with Hawking Technologies DV1394A Video Editing Kit  to PC
  • edited with Ulead Video Studio 4.0 SE Basic and Adobe Premiere
  • converted with Any Video converter from RM to MP4

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