Messier Objects using Slooh Observatories and Aladin Lite Program

Image from Slooh Observatory

Jari Backman / Slooh

This image of M1 is based on mission(s) by me or my colleague(s) at Slooh with T1 telescope in 28.11.2019 and I have processed with the Pixinsight program concentrating in astrophotography.

M1 is best observable at Slooh Observatories during:
Canary Islands (N28.3°, W16.5°) August to April on telescope(s) T4
Chile (S33.3°, W70.5°) August to April on telescope(s) C1_WF

This object is popularly called the Crab Nebula.

Image from Aladin Lite program

M1 is also known as NGC 6531 and you can find it in the constellation of Taurus about 6 500 light-years from us.

This SN Remnant situates in Milky Way at Right Ascension of 5:34:31.93 and Declination of +22:00:52.2

M1 has a Magnitude of + 8.4 and the size of the Field of View is 0.10 degrees.

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