Juulia, the Lady Collie

Juulia tarkkana
Juulia loved the camera and we have many lovely pictures of her. We have now scanned some of them to bring joy to others, as well. The pictures are mainly taken in Huhtiniemi, Lappeenranta

Juulia was already chosen by another family, but then they noticed that her jaws were not in good proportion and she would not qualify for exhibitions. Well, Sini looked beyond this and just found the girl to have a personal mouth and so the dog travelled to a new home :)

Juulia didn't gladly go to swim, but if either of us asked from the lake or we threw a stick into water, she usually made what was asked.

She was also very neat, she didn't make her needs on the yard or on the path. She always wanted to go somewhere further where nobody could clearly see what she was doing.

The bad thing with Huhtiniemi was that the Army baracks were close and when they were shooting there, she became always very restless. When we moved to Mustola, the noise stopped but we were sad to notice also that she was  now practically deaf

We always have had the feeling that Juulia left a lot of her soul to Mikke. They were so alike.

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