Our Lady of Scotland
1975 - 1989
When we started our courtship in 1979, Juulia was already in the picture as Sini had taken her several years earlier as a pup.

During our long walks in forest paths, she applied her shepherd instincts and continuously walked an 'eight path' circle between us.

Juulia was so kind, although our new visitors were not easy to be convinced that her barking was an invitation to cuddle her. But it was the only way to stop it.

During her periods, she always started nesting and she got a small soft teddy to be hugged.

We were a bit hesitant as an companion to her, but she proved to be a real BIG mama to both Mimmi and later to Nöpö.

We almost lost Juulia in 85, but the hysterectomy operation saved her in the last moment. And afterwards she was like a puppy, we hadn't notice how the illness had slowed her down.

Juulia's final resting place is in the Muukko Pet Cemetery.



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