Honey and Pentu visiting the cottage for the first time

Honey tarkkana

We really had had to postpone the visit to the island. When was Jari having work related travelling and when was the weather awful. But then in June the cottage season really started.

The trip took over an hour, first with the car and then with the boat. Already in the car they started to moan slightly, but the boat trip seemed to be so amazing that they were toatally quite. The first evening went in careful snooping of the inside facilities and the veranda. But they also took some careful steps outside, as well

The cats evidently slept all the night, but on the second day they expanded the boundaries. We had such joy to watch them as they moved in a queu, but changing all the time the order. And the also clinbed to the trees several times, which made us slightly nervous. On the second morning we found them in the bed as we woke up and during the day they also found the sandy beach and the sauna

We also learned that Pentu didn't have much boundaries, he serched also the attic level, which required an eight feet leap upwards. The hatching birds did also register tha climbing cats and one of them kept such a noise for several days. The boats driving by the island, luckily only some per day, got the cats to run inside every time. Honey went under the bed and Pentu on top of the cupboard.

The lovely time took it's toll and the cats slept twice the clock around back in town.

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