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Honey and Pentu
Two small fur balls from Ylamaa
b. 25.06.2006
As we had to say farewell to Mikke, it was quite clear that the vacuum had to be filled. We also felt that one cat would be too alone, so we both were thinking to get two cats. As we were so sad that Nöpö never totally approved Mikke, we were looking for siblings that surely would go along together.

So, in the beginning of September we received two 10 week old kittens from a country house 20 miles from our home. The mother had five kittens and looks like there were at least three different tom cats envolved. We choose the two blue and gray "button eyes".

Honey is the girl with a honey coloured patch on the forehead, also her behaviour is very girl-like.

Pentu (Baby) should be clear to those reading our pages, but the name comes from Jean Auel, whose heroine Ayla breeds a giant cave lion with the same name in the book Valley of Horses (Earth Children book series). We have now got our kittens and they have made themselves at home and appeared in the Internet. No need to mention about capturing our hearts ;)  


1. With their mom 2. 1st day home 3. Getting acquainted 4. Happy in the new home 5. Operations
6. On the island 7. Spring 2008

Honey & Pentu
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Love Me Tender
First snow, Nov 4 2006
Cratching Tree, 5 mo
Over Obstacles, 12/06
Cats in the Bag
Xmas toy
Honey operated, 1/07
Growling Pentu, 2/07
Growling Pentu II, 12/07

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