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Buddy with a meau
03.05.1989 - 21.06.2006

"Suruton poika" (Boy without worries)
"Kaveri Kaljahousu" (Buddy Beartrousers)
"Pikku ukko" (Little Guy)
"Iso kissa, pieni poika" (Big Cat, Little Boy)
"Enkeli-kisi" (Angel-cat)
"Kissa, joka ei tehnyt Kärpäsellekään pahaa"
(A Cat Who Couldn't Hurt a Fly)

Above are some of our pet frases of our Mikke (of course in Finnish and difficult to translate), whose illness was beyound our help. He was assisted to the final sleep and we buried him along Nöpö at our island.

The last two weeks Mikke enjoyed his stay at the island where he could freely go out and in. Unfortunately there are no last pictures of this period but we managed to take some hasty photos of him at the last day.


Miken virallinen kuva

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