So much joy, so short a flame
1984 - 1986

The cat of Sini's sister had kittens and we were really considering to get a partner to Juulia. And the matter solved naturally, as the kittens got very ill and had to be separated from each others and we received a very little, sick cat.

We got good advice from the vet and Mimmi (yes, indeed a clear double-M in the middle of the name) had a strong desire to live, but all the other kittens were not so lucky.

And to our great joy Juulia accepted the small newcomer, who quickly took the control and ruled also at the nearby camping area. We did not want to keep her only indoors as she was so eager to move around.

So we also were proudly shown of her catchings, she took a short rest and shortly wanted to go out again.

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