With a genuine heart
26.11.1986 - 28.05.2003


In autumn 86 we lost our lovely Mimmi-cat, whom we searched for months near our home. After Xmas there was an announcement of kittens from Taavetti and as we phoned, we were told that only the tiny kitten was left.
And so Nöpö entered to our life. Right away she started to think that our Juulia Lassie was her mother and to our surprise Juulia did not mind.
Everything was of interest to Nöpö, but she was not allowed to stroll around and had to get to be used to harness. 
She liked especially to be in the bath room and to sit by the high window. We also managed to video, how she manouvered to the window, although it seemed not to be open. And she wanted to grate the toilet water container without claws as it was flushed.

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