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Our Espresso Machines

Miss Silvia & Mr. Rocky

Silvia and Rocky

Rancilio Silvia is a semi automatic espresso machine, which have received high appraisal all over the world. It is especially suitable for home espresso brewing used only a few times a day. It is also essential to have a proper coffee mill as only fresh coffee delivers the best espresso. Rancilio Rocky has a 40-step scale, which also suits well for a home use. The picture above shows both machines.

And besides the equipment one needs to have a Portafilter, which has a filter with very small holes. It is connected to the Silvia Group head and the high pressure water penetrates through the coffee cake in the Portafilter. The Golden Rule is to have 60 ml of expresso within 25 seconds.  It sounds easy but needs a lot of practise.

The Rancilio package included a normal Portafilter(PF) with two kind of filters, a smaller single filter and a larger double filter. The PF had 'horns' that divided the flow in two separate cups or one bigger cup. Additionally, we ordered an Naked Portafilter that delivers the fluid into one cup.

And a good Espresso requires fresh coffee. Which means that the coffee has to be roasted less than a week before. You can order this kind of beans from local or foreign places. Of course, a real espresso lover roasts her/his own beans (just like our grand(grand)parents used to do a century ago).

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