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This all started in November 2007. Jari had a short work tripto Switzerland and before the departure back home, he managed to find beautiful espresso cups by Nuova Pointi. But he also noticed many espresso machines. He was further directed to a Nespresso Boutique, where it was shown that with not so expensive capsules (ca. 35 cents) it was possible to make decent espresso. And it would possible to order these capsules even in Fnland.

Back in Finland, Jari started to explore this wonder machine, but instead he found web sites abroad and in Finland that explained something different. At the Finnish Ristretto a member explained that if "Nespresso could make this kind of brew, it would be worth the price" (akallio). After a thorough surfing, Nespresso was forgotten.

And in the middle of November an order was set, and we received from Sweden 30 kilograms of merchandise.

nuova point

Nuova Point cups.

Espressoa and "Cappucino"
la Nespresso.


Picture that made a difference


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