Viet Nam Pictures
We lived in Viet Nam for three years and have recorded some of our experiences into text and pictures. We also provided first real time webpictures from Ha Noi as well some short stories of our life there. 

Now, these times and pictures are only memories but may them warm you as much they warm us.

With our best regards,

Sini and Jari Backman

Our homes in Ha Noi
Cool, you can navigate in Ha Noi Updated!!

Farewell party 2
Farewell party 1
Holiday & Work trip Round VN 8/2000
Holiday & Work trip to Saigon 3/2000
Experiences of a Vietnamese luxury hotel
Finnish BBQ in Ha Noi
Tam & Hoa Wedding in Ha Noi October 28
Outside our home in Ha Noi
Tam Dao visits in 1998-2000

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