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◊◊◊◊◊◊  Claire's Ring  ◊◊◊◊◊◊

In the first book Jamie gives Claire a silver wedding ring which has become hugely popular among Outlander fans. Diana made the first design in her  Outlandish Companion book based on Celtic traditions and it can now be ordered from Claire's Ring website.


It became so popular that Janice ja Michelle quickly had 300 orders and had to put new orders on hold. In October 2006 there was a Raffle (history of the ring, picture from the raffle at the end of the page) for Arizona Literacy & Learning Center where we also made a small donation. Three rings and ten possibilities to order one ring was available. And Diana lifted also our name from the whiskey jar and thus we were allowed to order the ring.

So in January 2007 we finally received the ring and a nice Bookmark with Diana's autograph.

We inscribed on the outside of the ring our initials S&J and on the inside the latin script by Catullus Da mi basia mille as in the original ring.


The Bookmark has a quotation from chapter 23 of the Outlander from the moment Claire receives the ring.



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