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Diana Gabaldon Podcasts

Here is a rare opportunity to hear a great author discuss about the many, many aspects of the writing process.

Episode 24: The Voice from the Past Episode 23: Where Scenes Come From  Episode 22: Places To Which I Am Invited  Episode 21: Battlefields
Episode 20: The State of the Wicket Episode 19: New Projects and Publications Episode 18: Writing and Clarity Episode 17: Male Readers and My Novels
Episode 16: My History and Experience with the Web Episode 15: A Glimpse Into My Busy Day Episode 14: The Character Lord John Grey Episode 13: How A Book Is Made
Episode 12: Characters Episode 11: Raising Continents Episode 10: Research Episode 9: The Writing Process
Episode 8: Author-Reader Roundtable Discussion Episode 7: Fans and Tours Episode 6: The Lord John Stories Episode 5: Sex Scenes
Episode 4: Ghosts Episode 3: On Writing: The "Kernel Process" Episode 2: What Draws a Reader In Episode 1: A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES

The podcasts can be found on her Web Page, or with RSS Podcasting or with ITunes Podcast

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