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Do you know about Claire and Jamie?
A true love story entwined with the second Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland, the complex path to the Independence of the United States and imaginative time travelling.

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The Author is Dr. Diana Gabaldon, who changed her university career to writing. She is now the New York Times bestselling author of the Outlander series, which contemporary consists of eight books but at least one more is expected to be published. Her newest book Written In My Own Heart's Blood was released in June 2014.

Diana's writing takes you deeply to the scenes and people's lives. And the best thing is that every read-through gives you new perspectives and the books can be read again and again. And we also now have Claire's ring in our possession.

The translations in Finnish have been lagging behind. But now we have only a year to wait after the English publication. As Jari started to read the books in 2003, he read the first two novels in Finnish, but then had to buy the next books in English. Also, he found a new dimension in the books with the Scots language, which is not easy to translate into Finnish.

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The Outlander story has been made to great music, check it out.

The latest development is that Starz Network together with Sony Television Pictures is making a 16 episode television series of the first book, Outlander. the series started in US in August 2014 and will eventually be shown in Finland by YLE. The actors of our main main protagonists Caitriona Balfe (Claire) and Sam Heughan (Jamie) are just starting to know what Real Stardom is. The series was renewed for Season 2, which will cover the book Dragonfly in Amber in at least 13 episodes

The first book Outlander came out at the same time with a tie-in cover from the series and very soon after the series started, it soared to #1 at the NYT Bestseller list.

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Table of Contents on the Outlander series is found from the TOC-links above the books and you can click the covers to see them in a bigger size

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