Lord John and other Works In Progress- Excerpts

Diana has released excerpts from her upcoming work (excerpts for Book Eight can be found separately), which will be available in few years. These excerpts has been published in the CompuServ forum, on her web site www.dianagabaldon.com or on her blog there. From May 2011 she also tweets short excerpts, but the TweetDeck hasn't proved to be reliable. Since November Diana has regularly put shorter excerpts on her FB page. Those seem to be available in a more reliable way. And you can access them without registeration!

Enjoy !

The Scottish Prisoner: a novel published Nov 29, 2011,(Bantam Bell),  Check the Explanatory list of the excerpts
Lord John and the Plague of Zombies for the anthology DownThese Strange Streets edited by Martin and Dozois, Oct 4, 2011, (Penguin Books)
8/19/10 8/21/10 8/21/10b 8/27/10 12/11/10          
The Space Between for the anthology The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, edited by John Joseph Adams, January 2013, (Tor)
Also in the UK collection A Trail of Fire, November 8, 2012
4/6/10 6/9/10 6/24/10 7/27/10 10/2/11 11/2/11 11/3/11FB 11/4/11FB 11/5/11FB 11/7/11FB
11/10/11FB 11/11/11FB 11/12/11FB 11/13/11FB 11/16/11FB 11/17/11FB 11/19/11FB 11/20/11FB 11/21/11FB 23/11/11FB
11/27/11FB 11/28/11FB 12/2/11 12/2/11FB 12/4/11FB 12/6/11FB 12/7/11 12/7/11FB 12/8/11FB 12/9/11FB
12/10/11FB 12/11/11FB 12/12/11FB 12/14/11FB 12/15/11FB 1/2/12FB 9/23/12FB 9/23/12/FB 10/18/12FB 10/24/12FB
Into Thin Air, a Master Raymond novel, publishing year not known yet
9/13/06 4/29/09 4/17/10              
Virgins for the anthology Dangerous Women, edited by Martin and Dozois, December 3, 2013 
8/6/11 (end) 12/6/11 12/31/11line 1/1/12FB 1/2/12FB 1/21/12FB 1/22/12FB 1/24/12/FB 1/25/12/FB 1/26/12FB
1/28/11FB 1/31/12FB 1/2/12FB 2/2/12FB 2/3/12FB 2/4/12FB 2/5/12FB 2/6/12FB 2/9/12FB 2/17/12FB
2/18/12FB 2/19/12FB 2/23/12FB 2/24/12FB 2/25/12 2/26/12FB 3/6/12FB 3/7/12FB 3/8/12FB 3/10/12FB
3/12/12FB 3/13/12FB 3/23/12FB 3/25/12FB 3/26/12FB 7/26/12TW 10/7/12FB 10/8/12FB 12/1/12TW 12/31/12TW
1/23/13FB 5/2/13FB 6/9/13FB 6/10/13FB            

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