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Trio Los Panchos

There is a sound that is synonymous to the passion and intimacy of love. A sound that acts to the rate of the heart, "BOLERO".

It captures feelings as one would say "I love you" or heartrendering like "Never, never".

Everyone has listened to the language of Bolero. Another option to name it is to say "Los Panchos".

Photo copyright Los Panchos
Our first contact to the music was in Cienfuegos, Cuba, where we visited for a fortnight in 1990. Our dinners were enriched with a local trio that performed latinamerican music.

Later we wanted to find something similar and a year later we were introduced to Los Panchos music during our visit in Spain. And after that there has not been going back. Whenever we want to have a proper dinner, this magnificent music flavors our food.

Formed in 1944 by lead singer Hernando Aviles (Herminio Avilés Negrón), background vocalist Chucho Navarro (José de Jesús Navarro Moreno), and requinto (small guitar) player Alfredo Gil (Alfredo "Güero" Bojalil Gil), the trio has gone through numerous personnel changes. Aviles was replaced by Raúl Shaw Moreno in 1951, with Moreno replaced by Julio Rodriguez Reyes (Julito) the following year. With Avilés' return in 1956, the original trio was reunited until 1958, when Avilés was replaced by Johnny Albino. After a decade with the group, Albino was replaced by Enrique Cáceres. Four years later, Cáceres was replaced by Ovidio Hernández (who didn't play the guitar), who remained with the group until 1976, when he was replaced by Rafael Basurto Lara.

Announcing Gil's retirement during a television special in Venezuela in 1981, Los Trio Panchos disbanded. This proved to be premature when Navarro and Lara reunited, a few months later, and continued to perform with a lengthy list of guitarists, including Willy Fonseca, Lalo Ayala, Jose Luis Sanchez Camacho, and Gabriel Vargas. Following Navarro's death in 1993, Lara has continued as a soloist.


The singers in the Trio Los Panchos

Chucho Navarro
1944 - 1993


Alfredo Gil
1944 - 1981


Hernando Avilés
1944 - 1951
1956 - 1958

Raúl Moreno
1951 - 1952


Julio Rodriguez
1952 - 1956


Johny Albino
1958 - 1968


Enrique Cáseres
1968 - 1972

Ovidio Hernández
1972 - 1976


Rafael Lara
1976 -



YouTube and Los Panchos
Los Panchos is still very popular around the world and there are many good uploads of their music in the net.
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Song lyrics

With iMusic you can now listen to Los Panchos radio

Our records
Trio Los Panchos, 1972
Los Panchos Hoy, 1991
El Trio Los Panchos con la musica de Ernesto Lecuana, 1992
50 anos con Los Panchos, 1992
Todo Panchos, 2 CD, 1992
Eydie Gormet y Los Panchos, 2 CD, 1993
Los Panchos cantan a Gardel, 2 CD, 1995
Trio Los Panchos, 50 anos 1947 - 1997

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