Party 2
Farewell Party for AITCV Director
Dr. Jari Backman (1)

Dr. Jari Backman, AITCV Director will return at the end of the year back to his home university together with his wife Sinikka. AITCV staff and students honored his stay by organizing a Farewell Part at AITCV premises on November 28, 2000.

The party was started with a Vietnamese English ballad to Dr. Jari to get everybody warm. Then the staff members gave their interpretation of Dr. Jari's manners in the office, which included mobile phone manners and ISO9002 evaluation. The play ended with the chorus of AITCV Quality Policy.

Then there were more performances and the most affecting moment was as the AITCV staff and students circulated in the darkness one small candle and each were able to give a short wish, which wishes were consolidated to Dr. Jari as he in the end was requested to add his own one and blow the flame away.

Staff prepare for the opening ballad

"Terve, terve, mita kuuluu"

"Dr. Jari" making ISO check with different AITCV units and not forgetting the lavatories

CHORUS: "To develop right human resources at the right place at the right time at the right quantity at the highest level"

Mr. Hoc and Mr. Bambi performing a song about Ha Noi

Mr. Hien performing "Life goes on"

Ms. Mai Huong with her song

AIT Faculty and AITCV partners joined also

AITCV has now two academic intakes, ISE and EMBA

The flame with wishes on its way

The flame finally reaching Dr. Jari

Now all wishes are added and only final blow is missing

Among many presents, there was a pair of T-shirts for Dr. Jari and Mrs. Sinikka with certificated AITCV Policy

Final song: "If you go back, I will cry softly. Jari oi, please don't go back to your country, stay here with us"

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Party 2

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