Party 1
Farewell Party for AITCV Director
Dr. Jari Backman (2)

Dr. Jari Backman, AITCV Director will return at the end of the year back to his home university together with his wife Sinikka. AITCV honored his stay by organizing a Farewell Part at Hotel Guoman in Ha Noi on December 5, 2000. They have now stayed more three years in Viet Nam.

The party started with a welcome speech by Prof. Huynh Ngoc Phien, the Dean of School Advanced Technologies. Prof. Phien thanked Dr. Jari of his contribution to strengthen academic programs at AITCV.

H.E., Prof. Vu Ngoc Hai, the Vice-Minister from the Ministry of Education and Training described the development of AITCV during these three years and wished Dr. Jari and His wife good health and prosperity in Finland.

H.E., Mr. Juha Puromies, the Ambassador of Finland to Viet Nam looked also not only on the academic aspects of the work of Dr. Jari, but also other elements of life in a foreign country.

Prof. Armand, AIT President thanked the work done to strengthen AITCV closer to the mother campus AIT in Thailand.

Prof. Phien giving the opening speech

H.E., Prof. Hai with his warm speech

H.E., Ambassador Puromies 

President Armand telling about Mechanical Engineers

Ms. Noullet and Dr. Phe discussing architecture

Ms. Talsio and Mr. Somppi agreeing on the issues

Dr. Jari listening to the speeches

Ms. Hang and Mr. Dinh remembering good old days

The AITCV had brought a surprise present to Dr. Jari

And now the tradition of Quoc Tu Giam will go to Finland

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Party 1

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